As a law firm Mouritz Legal focuses on companies which innovate and their creations.

Our services for technology are specifically geared towards life cycle legal assistance with regard to our clients' technology needs ranging from tech inception to capturing its value: 

IP represents substantial value. Most companies do not fully utilize this potential. Boost™ is our IP value capturing methodology to first help bring your IP house in order and from there on unlock your company’s IP value to increase the overall value of your company through our

IP BOX and BOOST formats.


Apart from harvesting IP value, Mouritz Legal also asserts rights to and defends clients’ innovations from and against infringement related suits, particularly in relation to software and SaaS licenses. 


Data Protection – GDPR compliance


The amounts of data being exchanged increases exponentially.

We help companies to get a grip on their data for their own internal control and to meet the stringent GDPR and ePrivacy data protection and compliance standards. On the front-end of the company we will help to take care of the transparency requirements under the GDPR by providing companies with custom statements. The back-end is where the real work starts. We will help our clients set up the various required records, policies and help carry out the data protection impact assessments. Mouritz Legal can help to setup privacy programs and also provides privacy trainings. Our approach to GDPR is that privacy becomes part of the business and compliance processes.

After all, reputation is everything.

Personal data breach? Supervisory authority on your doorstep? Please call us! 


Cyber Security – Cyber Threats


Cyber threats affect all businesses and are not confined to just technology companies. Cyber security has to be dealt with across industries worldwide. Legislation is also putting increasing requirements on companies to deal with cyber threats. 

Mouritz Legal is a pioneer in dealing with the legal challenges of cyber security and in providing cyber compliance frameworks. 






Mouritz Legal assists many technology companies and also has an eye for the commercial aspect related to closing technology driven transactions on a local and an international level.

We are well versed to tackle EULAs, cloud, outsourcing and services agreements.  


The transaction practice of Mouritz Legal is divers but is predominantly focused on tech transactions. Litigation certainly is also part of the game. We assist clients in such matters as license disputes, trademark litigation and services projects gone wrong. 


We combine external legal knowledge with substantial inhouse legal expertise. Abraham Mouritz has over 15 years inhouse experience gained at such technology companies as Sybase SAP and Compuware Corporation. 


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