The Advance Privacy Notice Checker™ has been developed by Mouritz Legal to help you check your website privacy notice against the requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you are a controller operating a website in the EU/EEA which directly collects personal data of data subjects or, irrespective of where you are operating from, are offering goods or services to customers in the EU/EEA via your website, then this tool is for you.


The tool will give you an overview of the minimum GDPR elements that the privacy notice on your website needs to contain. GDPR compliance is essential and any gaps in your website privacy notice are easily visible to the outside world, including to the supervisory authorities, and may lead to doubts on your overall data protection compliance.


A few T&Cs from the author. This tool has a certain scope: It pertains to the information to be provided when directly collecting a data subject’s personal data via websites. To be clear, the same information obligations may for example also apply outside of website collection or when personal data is not directly provided to the controller by the data subjects themselves. 


Also this tool is meant as a high level first aid check for website privacy notices and is not a substitute for professional legal advice. If, for example, you would be processing sensitive personal data (e.g. health data) or would be rendering online services to children, I would recommend for additional information to be included in your website privacy notice. Lastly, this tool does not address the requirements of providing cookie notices when placing certain analytical or tracking cookies. I will consider developing such tool for when the ePrivacy Regulation comes into force.


Now with all the T&Cs out of the way, let’s check your privacy notice.


I hope you enjoy this tool.

Advance is a registered trademark of Mouritz Legal and is protected by copyright​

Advance is a registered trademark of Mouritz Legal and is protected by copyright​